Marius J. L. Muehlenberg

11 July 2022

Marius Muehlenberg, born in western Germany in the chemical region around Krefeld, Leverkusen and Dormagen, comes from a family with an affinity for chemistry. His grandfather and father, who both worked in the chemical industry all their lives, paved the way.

After studying economics, business administration and chemistry at the University of Passau, San Diego and the Technical University in Munich, Marius took his first steps at Clariant. Quite quickly, however, he was drawn to medium-sized companies, first in his parents' business and later in the LEVACO Chemicals Group. LEVACO was founded in 2014 after several stations as a former part of the Bayer Group and is now part of the Diersch & Schröder group of companies. After several years there in various positions, he took over the management of a subsidiary in 2019 and moved up to the management of the entire group of companies as CEO in 2021.

Today, Marius is primarily responsible for the Sales, Production, R&D and Supply Chain divisions. In a time of change, his primary goal is to transfer the vast experience at product, research and sales level to the requirements of the present in order to generate sustainable growth and also to have a positive impact on the necessary sustainability in our industry.